Sweden, Moldova, Georgia. What do our three countries have in common and what can we learn from each other? Listen to a special episode of Echolocation about how everything started – and what we plan for the future.

Finally, the team behind the Echolocation podcast met in Chisinau (or “Kiss-me-now” for those having difficulties with the pronunciation), the capital of Moldova.

Sweden, Moldova, Georgia, that is a funny combination, as Alina put it. So how did the idea come across? And what can we share with – and learn from – each other?

Listen to Echolocation podcast – a collaboration between Georgia, Moldova, and Sweden



David Isaakson

Editor at Global Podd and Global Bar Magazine in Sweden

Levani Iaganashvili

Project Manager Knews in Georgia

Alina Gîrnet

journalist at Diez in Moldova

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