Welcome to the new world of Artificial Intelligence. What are the ethical dilemmas? How will my chances for a good job be affected? The age of artificial intelligence is here! Every day, there are new and amazing advances in AI technology. Recently, we’ve seen a number of AI tools like ChatGPT and DALL·E among others, become a worldwide phenomenon. It’s clear that with these advances come new challenges and ethical concerns that need to be discussed.

In this Episode of Echolocation, we will talk about the future, ethics and use cases for the technology that has become so controversial in the last few years. We will get young people’s perspective from the beautiful countries of Georgia, Moldova, and Sweden.

Listen to Echolocation podcast – a collaboration between Georgia, Moldova, and Sweden



Alberto Diaz

Lecturer from Sweden

Mishiko Khvtisiashvili

Student From Georgia

Daniela Balutel

Student from Moldova

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