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Echolocation is a podcast created between Georgia (Knews), Moldova (diez) and Sweden (Global Bar Magazine/Global Podd) that aims to create an echo through the society by inviting young people to make their voices heard, exchange information and opinions.

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How we started

2020 was the year when The Idea of Echolocation was born.

In a long Zoom calls, during a roaming pandemic, David, Alina and Levani created an idea of a joint podcast that would be created by young people, for young people.


Our Mission

Our mission is to connect young voices from Georgia,Moldova and Sweden, by creating collaborative podcasts about interesting topics.

Our aim is to create an echo through society by inviting young people from all three countries to make their voices heard, but at the same time exchange information and opinions about all sorts of topics of interest for them.

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Global Bar Magazine – Sweden – Moldova – Georgia
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