How do you cook a good mamaliga, what is it like in the Transnistrian region, and where in Chisinau would you take your first date?  

I guess you already know everything about Moldova, right? If not, here is the chance to learn more about this great land-locked European country, situated in the crossroad between East and West.

In this episode of Echolocation Alina from Moldova promise to answer all questions that Samuel and Malo might have about her country – from music to movies, from city to countryside. And maybe the most important – how do you pronounce the name of the capital.

Listen to Echolocation podcast – a collaboration between Georgia, Moldova, and Sweden



Malo Shavadze

a young active social media influencer, entrepreneur, and a photographer from Georgia

Samuel Rivera

a fresh graduate and an active social media user from Moldova.

Alina-Maria Ţurcanu

a Swedish actor living in Stockholm

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