What role does sports play in modern societies today? What does it mean for a country’s national identity and how is it linked to politics and economy?  Sports have been a part of life since the start of human civilization. It brings us together but can also drive us apart.

In this episode of Echolocation, we will talk about sport and its role in society and address the big questions: Should we let Russian athletes be allowed to participate in international contests when the sport is such a big part in the construction of national identity? Why do some athletes earn millions while others barely can make ends meet?

Listen to young people’s perspective from the beautiful countries of Georgia, Moldova, and Sweden.



Estrid Kjellman

Founder of the supporter club Sooft Hooligans for the Swedish women's national football team

Andria Sakheishvili

Volleyball player and sports enthusiast from Georgia

Anna Dulce

Shooting champion and national record holder in air pistol

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