For years people in Georgia and Moldova have heard the sweet voices from Brussels, promising a brighter future as a part of the European family. But besides words, nothing has happened. What do young people in the countries think – and what could happen if the talks lead to nothing?

In Echolocation, a special serie of podcasts created jointly by Knews (Georgia), diez (Moldova) and Global Podd (Sweden), we discuss EU integration from an eastern perspective. This is the second part of our collaboration.

EU integration and migration is a topic that has been actively talked about for the past decade in Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and other Eastern Partnership participants. Already, thousands of young people from Moldova and Georgia has moved to EU for work and studies.

Recently, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, signed a joint declaration in support of integration with the European Union. But what are the chances to join? And if EU continues to delay, how will that affect the countries?



Tamara Zurabishvili

consultant and migration expert from Georgia.

Viktoria Olari

expert at the Institute for Strategic Initiatives in Moldova.

Jonas Andersson

program manager at the Olof Palme International Center, with prior experience from working in Brussels.

Working from home, freelancing and remote working is on the increase with an increase in demand for remote workers from countries like Georgia and Moldova. At the same time many young professionals are trying to move to EU countries. What are the opportunities and possible disadvantages in a rapidly changing job market? What should you think about when selecting a career?

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