In our rapidly evolving and fast-paced society, an increasing number of students are recognizing the importance of taking a pause from their academic pursuits – a Gap year! But is it accepted by parents and the society? Will it have any positive – or negative – effect on your motivation and results? 

And what’s maybe most important – what would you do with a Gap year?

In this episode, we explored the captivating perspectives of three guests from our three countries Moldova, Georgian and Sweden.

So let’s embark on this enlightening conversation that tackles societal expectations, family support and CV gaps.


Alina- Maria Turcanu, Moldova.



Axel Lidin

a Swedish student who also took a gap year.

Mariam Abashidze

a Georgian high school student who is eagerly considering a break during her university years.

Valeria Ursan

a Moldovan student who embarked on a gap year after graduating from high school.
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